Refund Policy

Refunds are issued by the retailer once the item has been received back by their returns department. Item(s) purchased directly from will be refunded through customer care.

Once the retailer for items(s) purchased directly from has issued your refund, Laffame’s payment partner Paypal will automatically credit this back to your original payment account.

If you have questions about the status of your return/ refund it is best to contact the retailer directly through their dedicated customer care area as they will have the most up to date information.

Next Steps:
• You can find the retailer name by checking your Laffame confirmation email or in your Laffame’s order history for items(s) purchased directly from For items purchased from our external partner retails, you can fine the retailer name by checking your confirmation email from that retailer.
• Go to the retailers dedicated customer care area to see their returns/ refunds policy.

Our Customer Care Team are always available to help if you prefer to contact us!

Please note that for order tracking updates, amendments or cancellations, you will need to contact the retailer fulfilling your order directly..